by Nick Chang

Queensland conveyancing has officially moved into the 21st century with eConveyancing now being mandatory in most common dealings unless an exemption applies.

We at Bottoms English were proud to have been one of the first law firms in Cairns to have adopted eConveyancing, having started utilising the eConveyancing platform PEXA 8 years ago.

Moving away from traditional paper-based settlements means a much more streamlined process, with your property sale or purchase now likely to be faster, more efficient and with a reduced likelihood of error or delay.

Whilst most settlements are now mandated to take place online, some exemptions do apply and we are happy to provide advice as required on any exemption issues.

If you require assistance in conveyancing such as buying, selling, or transferring a property, our solicitors and conveyancers at Bottoms English Lawyers are here to help you. We are subscribers to PEXA and our team will be able to advise and assist you through the process.