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After years of work leading up to the launch, BELAW had commenced a class action on behalf of hundreds of Indigenous Australians who were impacted by wage control legislation between 1939 and 1972.

The action was launched on 12 September 2016 against the State of Queensland on behalf of Mr Hans Pearson and potentially thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers whose wages were held in Government-controlled trust accounts in accordance with various legislation including the Aboriginal Protection and Preservation Act (1939) Qld and which were never paid to them in full.

Alongside the action run by BELAW in Queensland, we teamed up with Shine Lawyers to investigate launching similar class actions in other Australian states and territories.

Read what the media reports on the case by clicking on the above pictures, and visit our dedicated website at (for Queensland) or visit Shine Lawyers in relation to another state.

Before making an enquiry we will need to know:

  1. Your work history, prior to 1980
  2. Your birth date
  3. Your work places
  4. Who you worked for
  5. What work you did
  6. How much money you were paid

Stolen Wages hotline for Queensland: 07 4041 1641