Lynette Lyons


Originally from Innisfail, Lynette was born and bred in Far North Queensland. She graduated in 2007 and started working as an office junior at a prominent law firm in Innisfail that same year. Being as competent as she is, it’s no wonder she was promptly offered a role as full time secretary to one of the Partners. She moved to Cairns in 2013 shortly after having her adorable first born and in 2015, started working as a legal secretary at BELAW.

Efficient and analytical, it came as no surprise to any of us when she embarked on a Bachelor of Laws course at James Cook University. Crowning her achievements in 2021 she graduated with Honours and has been a practising solicitor ever since.

Affectionately known as Lyn around the office, we’ve all come to love her sharp wit and accommodating nature. Lyn has a penchant for large sandwiches, collects miniature everything and keeps two large jars of candy at her desk. The latter part of that personal information is very important to everyone here at BELAW for obvious reasons.


07 4051 5388

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