Tamar Stanfield Roche

Class Action Coordinator

Pursuing legal prowess with unwavering dedication, Tamar is a future legal professional on the ascent toward excellence.

Tamar is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws at James Cook University. Exploring the depths of law with a thirst for knowledge, Tamar is set to finish her studies in 2024 and is eager to dive into the intricacies of legal practice.

Tamar grew up in South East Queensland where she says she was the only girl in her grade at primary school. Tamar later moved to Cairns in 2020.

Prior to turning into a law student extraordinaire, Tamar was a boss of her own PT and Pilates instructor business. Tamar says that she likes nature and the moon. We are definitely over the moon to have her working with us.

Tamar’s dachshund Lenny makes an appearance in the office from time to time and has even been known to attend a consultation or two; the dedication to social justice runs in the family.

Tamar is here to shake off legal challenges and blank space them with brilliant legal solutions. If you didn’t catch on, Tamar is also a huge Taylor Swift fan.


07 4051 5388

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